Capital Dubai mall

 Start From : 47000 EGP    Size : 40 m2    Pay Plan : 25 %   installment years : 6 years

 Location : New Capital      Developer : DUBAI     Properties : Shop

Project location:

Capital Dubai Mall is located in plot No. 1 in the R7 area, which is the area that is close to all the main axes and all the important roads in the Administrative Capital, specifically adjacent to the public park in the service area. The Dubai Mall in this distinguished location will provide its services to more than 42 residential areas, each This is in addition to its occurrence on the Champs Elysees (tourist walkway).
Project design:

Capital Dubai Mall was designed by specialized experts from the Dubai Real Estate Development Company. The Dubai Mall facade is located on a street with an area of ​​​​75 meters in width, and three side streets, each with a width of 35 meters, and consists of a ground floor in addition to the first and second floors, and the units vary in it To include all types of units and shops.
Capital Dubai Mall Services:
An area of ​​20,000 square meters has been provided for the garages area in the Dubai Mall
Two entrances to the garage, in addition to two exits, have been allocated to ensure that the cars of visitors and workers are not crowded.
In the Capital Dubai Mall there are commercial units that include the most famous international brands and brands, so that lovers of good taste can enjoy shopping.
Providing a number of bathrooms in each floor, which have been designed according to the latest international models.
There is a variety of restaurants in the Food Court area, which each country is famous for, and they have all been designed with modern, upscale designs.
Some places have been allocated in the air and the roof, so that visitors can enjoy sitting and breathing in the fresh air.
A group of dancing squirts.
Security and guarding companies with a system of surveillance cameras during the twenty-four hours, to monitor the mall from the inside and outside.
Escalators to ensure ease of movement for visitors in the mall.
elevators in each floor to ensure that visitors are not overcrowded and for easy transition between floors.
Capital Dubai Mall has a sufficient number of generators, which operate automatically in the event of a power outage.
A highly advanced fire alarm system.

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